Thursday, December 18, 2008

DJ Turns 3

DJ and his cousin Aiden went to the Fun Center for an early birthday celebration on Sunday. They played on the inflatables, rode indoor go karts and played video games.

Bday party At Aunt Valerie's House

DJ was very excited to come back to Grandma's house after a day of shopping and finda delivery of balloons from Grandma Pat and Papa Dennis, thank you!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Puppet Show & Santa At The Library in Charlotte Hall, MD

DJ and Aiden njoyed the puppet show with Christmas carols. Santa arrived in a fire rescue vehicle with sirens after the show and gave each child a goody bag. DJ sat in Santa's lap, his cousin Aiden required Mommy's presence.

Christmas Party At Wicomico Shores Clubhouse

Grandpa and Mommy took DJ to the Chritmas party at the clubhouse across from Grandma and Grandpa's house this past weekend. There were lots of kids DJ's age. They had arts & crafts, games, lots of snack and of course an appearance by Santa Clause with goody bags for all the kids.

Helping To Rake Leaves With Memaw Heflin

DJ is so lucky to be able to spend time with his great gandmaw, Memaw Heflin. He can't quite get the Memaw part down though and usually ends up calling her Nemo, we all get a laugh from that. We don't have a yard in CA and palm trees don't really drop leaves so jumping in the leaf pile was a new experience for DJ.

Watching Cars movie

Vote for D.J.

D.J. in his classroom with his teacher Ms. Lanell

Pics of the classroom

Showing off his name pickle, it gets put in the jar for attendance everyday