Sunday, July 05, 2009

July 4th 2009 - Parker, CO

What an awesome day for the kids: swimming, playing, cupcake decorating and fireworks (staying with two awesome cooks isn't a bad thing for the adults either, the bbq was amazing).

At the pool

What do I do now?

Decorating the Colossial Cupcake

Dj loved the "sprinklers" and had a blast watching Eric light off fireworks

DJ and Eric

Visit to Denver, CO 7/2/09

DJ and I went to Denver to visit our wonderful and dear friends the Nakatas. We thouroughly enjoyed our trip and a quote from DJ before we left sums it up, "This is our new house Mommy, we have a yard. We don't need to go back to CA." We won't be moving to CO anytime soon but it was great to hear that DJ had such a fun time!

GARDEN OF THE GODS, Colorado Springs, CO 7/3/09

What a view!

What can I say...ladie's man?

Strike a pose

DJ and Eva