Monday, May 29, 2006

Memorial Day 2006

We spent our Memorial Day in Long Beach. We had a relaxing lunch on the patio of the Belmont Brewing Company overlooking the ocean. It was a beautiful, sunny and breazy day at the beach.

DJ reaching for the camera

Lemon in my water please!

After lunch we took a walk on the beach and then played on the blanket in the shade for awhile.

Kisses from Daddy :)

So many little time

DJ is getting very good with eating from the spoon. He recognizes his cereal is and looks forward to it when he sees it.

Food likes so far: rice cereal (2 x per day), carrots, mashed banana

Food dislikes: green beans (first baby food intorduced after the rice cereal)

The mad scientist eats carrots for the 1st time

He insisted on a close up!

Sweet, sweet sleep...DJ is sleeping 10 hours per night on average. He naps for about 2 hours in the morning and tries to get in an afternoon nap depending on where we are.

DJ in his bed...still next to mommy and daddy's bed

Out cold in my arms at Liz's baby shower

Monday, May 22, 2006

It was a busy week for us. We went to visit Kirstie and Aiden on Wednesday, we helped watch Tom while his mommy went to a meeting. Thursday we went to USC for Brenda's high school graduation (Brenda is the student that I helped to mentor). We met up with Liz and Eric at the graduation. Friday we went to Petra's for our weekly play date, DJ fell asleep. After the play date we went to Daddy's softball game (they tied) and then out for pizza with the team. Saturday DJ went to work with Daddy for a couple of hours and then with Mommy to Liz's baby shower (pics to be posted later).

5 Months Old
5 Days Old

DJ is reaching for everything now

He still loves his exersaucer!

Why must he sneeze with a mouthfull? He really got me good on this day.

DJ at our weekly play date, how rude!

DJ and Eric

Me & DJ with Brenda at her high school graduation. Congratulations Brenda!

DJ LOVES his naked time.

Monday, May 15, 2006

A Week Of Firsts

DJ took his first sip of water from a sippie cup last week. He makes a mess and ends up with most of it on his shirt but he did manage to suck some out. We were very surprised!

DJ sits in the stroller without his infant seat, he loves it and is content to sit there strolling for up to an hour. He loves to see the world around him which he couldn't do in the infant seat.

Petra, Kirstie and me with the boys at El Dorado park in Long Beach.

Here we are with Damian, his dog Kelly and Kirstie.

DJ goes for a ride on Sophie, she didn't like this too much.

DJ and Grandpa Dennis after a very tasty rib dinner. DJ sat in a high chair for the first time at this dinner.

All smiles :)

Yesterday I had my first Mother's Day, it was truly a wonderful day! We went out for lunch at Dale's Diner (the same place we went last year) and a walk at the park. I received a beautiful pair of blue topaz earrings (DJ's birthstone) and a watering can (from Sohpie) to take care of the colorful flowers I planted last week. I am so proud to be a mother and I really felt special yesterday.

I am really appreciating EVERYTHING that my mom did and has done for me, I love you Mom!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Busy life...

DJ has a blast playing in his baby gym. He laughs and squeals with delight the entire time. As you can see in the picture to the right, he has started grabbing for everything.

DJ gets a sniff from Sophie. I know he looks terrified in this picture but he was actually laughing :)

DJ & Aidan play below

We had a busy week...we went to Gymboree class on Saturday, I try to take him once or twice a week. We met up with our play group on Wednesday afternoon for a walk in Long Beach to the lighthouse (I forgot the camera).We had a play date on Friday at Kirstie's and Aidan's house; DJ hung out with Aidan, Tom & Gabby. The pictures to the right were from this day.

DJ really liked Aidan's aquarium mat

DJ is sitting up now when supported. He loves playing with his toys.

And who could forget our first baby...she definitely won't let us! Sophie is great around DJ but fights for her share of lap time. She like to drop her toys in fornt of DJ and on his blanket or wherever he is. I think that she thinks we will pay more attention to her that way.