Monday, June 05, 2006

Water Baby

This week DJ went to the pool for the first time, he went back two more times later in the week. DJ and his buddies Aidan and Tom are below in the locker room of the Belmont Pool (they look excited don't they?). After his first swim, DJ had his first shower which he really liked.

DJ before his 2nd trip to the pool, he is smiling this time!

DJ and Daddy had a great time swimming on Saturday at Belmont!
DJ with Long Beach in the background

Floating in Dennis & Pat's pool on Sunday. Dennis and Pat fixed us a very yummy cedar planked salmon dinner, cereal & sweet potatoes for DJ.

DJ & Mommy (from Liz's baby shower)

Ready for a walk...L.A. baby!

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Liz said...

He looks so adorable! He's such a cute water baby!