Friday, September 15, 2006

9 Months Old

9/15/06 - DJ has his 9 month check up today. He had his blood taken (from his finger) to check his hemoglobin level and had a Hepatitis B shot in his leg. He is a trooper and only cried for less than a minute.

Stats - DJ weighs in at 20 lbs 11 oz and 29.5 inches long.

He is doing great and as always is a joy. He claps now when he sees us clap. He is working on getting his 5th tooth and is still pulling up on everything in sight, I have to be careful if I have an elastic waist on when DJ is around :) He enjoys his new walker toy but still goes a bit fast. DJ gets a big laugh out of Sophie. He thinks it is so funny when she runs through the house. She is doing great with him and lets him chase her aound the house.

Hopefully you are all enjoying the pictures, please leave us a commnet so that we know you are looking.


Aunt Katey said...

Love the pictures!! Wow, 20lbs.? Must been all that good food we all fed him while you guys were here :-) Hope everyone is doing well and we can't wait to see you guys again in a few weeks. Give Dj big hugs for me.

Anonymous said...

Well it is good to hear that DJ doesn't cry much when he gets his shots. I enjoy hearing about DJ every week and seeing his pictures, I will try to comment more often.


Brenda Adams said...

The briscoes and adams family thought the pictures were lovely.
We really enjoyed them. Keep the coming. We cant wait to see him in person again.

Grandma Saundra said...


Its amazing to see how well Bug is advancing. Its only been two weeks since we last saw him and he has really changed and have made some great achievements (tearing down the house). My guess is he will be walking by September 27. We miss him dearly ... keep the pics posted as new developments occur.

Anonymous said...

He is such a cutie!! I can't believe he is getting so big already. I'm so sorry I missed you while you were in MD. :-( Lacey

priechenfried said...

Nate and D.J. would have blast. Poor Nate he has never played with a boy before just girls around here and next week cousin Carlie is coming to visit. When are you coming to visit?

Liz said...

I hope I get to see you guys over the holidays! He'll be walking by the time we see him again!

Carey Boyum said...

Hey Gwen! The pictures and updates are great. Rachel and I check in every week or two to check up on you all.

- Carey