Saturday, October 07, 2006

We used our webcam with Grandma V yesterday for the first time. DJ got to see Grandma, Memaw and Grandpa. They got to see him eat pizza, play with Sophie and they got a close up of his 2 new teeth that are on the way in (that makes 6 now).

I think DJ has a new favorite food, cheese pizza...he ate 4 slices yesterday!

We think that DJ is going to be left handed, he does everything with his left hand. He sucks his left thumb, waves with his left hand and reaches for things with his left hand.

DJ is getting really good at cruising, he almost runs down the length of the couch. He lets go and stands on his own once in awhile and has even taken as much as 3 steps without falling.

The child proof locks went on tne next day...

Bubbles in the air

Helping Daddy work

Too cute!

Look, standing with no hands


Catherine Vestraci said...

BLOG pictures are great - but seeing him in action was ALL TOO SPECIAL ! ! ! Thank You for that!
EACH OF US repeatedly commented on how cool being connected with your very own REALITY SHOW :-) :-) :-)

Invitied Grandmaw Saundra for the experience, but somehow I feel she'll have her very own REAL SOON. . . .

Staying tuned

Mom, Dad & Memaw

Katey said...

Too CUTE :-).. Love the little jacket!!!

Liz said...

Amazing how far he's come! Standing on his, WALKING! Hope we can catch you guys before you go home for the holidays.

Anonymous said...


DJ is so adorable! I bet him and sophie playing is fun to watch.

Take care...


Brooke said...

Hey Gwen, It's Brooke!
I can't believe how big he's getting. He's precious! I'm going to get Katey to show me how to do this. I'm in the same situation you are as far as living so far from my family. They would love something like this.
Hope you are doing well. I also hope to get to see you guys the next time you come home. I'm sure it's hectic. I know how it is when I go home and trying to see everyone.

Take care!