Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Visit With Grandma V

My mom came to CA for a visit recently and had a great time with DJ!

We took DJ to the
Japanese Garden at Cal State Long Beach to feed the giant Koi. He had so much fun looking at all of the fish. He tried to step into the water and even tried to eat their food!

Must get Grandma's glasses!

The petting farm right next store at the Lakewood Equestrian Center


priechenfried said...

g-ma time is great we had a blast in MD last weekend check out the pics of nate making a snowman. Looks like D.J. had fun with the fish, a future marine scientist

Cuzin Apryl said...

Hey Gwen, D.J. looks so Cute in all the pics...Looks like he had a BLAST with the fish. He's getting BIGGER & BIGGER. Love u guys..

Liz said...

Those are great pictures of Grandma V's visit! The koi are so huge! We're getting cabin fever out here and I can't wait to take Eva out for some exploring once the weather gets better. By the way, I've uploaded a video to Eva's blog, taken today.

Katey said...

LOVE all the pictures!

Liz said...

Gwen, I think you're due for another update on DJ's blog!