Monday, May 28, 2007

Train Day At Wilson Park

This was a fun day! This these trains are run by volunteers once a month. We met Aidan and his family there and had a great time! We aren't on the train in the pictures that you see below but they give you a good idea of what we did that day.

Waiting for the train

Morning walk with Sophie

Readingfest at the local library

Balls to play with

Finding a music maker

Musical storytime

Kirstie and Aidan

Aidan and DJ


Anonymous said...

THANKS SO MUCH for the updated pictures !
I just love getting to peek into his world of activities.
I know he had a ball with the music makers.
Grandmaw V

Liz said...

You're a great mother and it's obvious by the activities you get DJ involved in. We thought of you and missed you over Memorial Day weekend! Thank you for updating his blog. We do check it out often!

Katey said...

Hope you both get to feeling better! Can't wait to see you guys.. 6 more days and counting :)

Luve the new pics!

Anonymous said...

It is good to see the updates of DJ.
I hear that you guys will be home soon, and I hope to see ya'll when you get here.