Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Earthquake

So we survived the earthquake on Tuesday, luckily there was no damage. It was a pretty significant quake, 5.4 on the scale centered about 40 miles east of where we are located. I was working at home when it happened, the house swayed back and forth for about a minute or so. The feeling was like you were on a ship and going over very large waves. This was the first earthquake that I have felt since moving here in 1997. My mom happened to be visiting from MD so she got the experience the quake also. DJ was at school and Daryl was at work. Anyhow all is good here. You can click on the link to the right for more information on the quake. The pictures below have no relavance to the earthquake, just thought I would post them instead of just this description.

DJ showing his muscles


Anonymous said...

Let me tell you that the Earthquake impact was such that it threw me up off an air mattress - just like a big wave would do!

Funny, I had just been thinking this trip how Earthquake alley this beautiful area is prone :-)

Grandma V

Liz said...

I thought you guys when I heard about the earthquake. I'm glad nothing and nobody was damaged/hurt. I still think tornadoes are scarier than earthquakes!