Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Halloween 2009

DJ had "Trunk or Treat" at his school on the Thursday before Halloween. Several parents and church members decorated their trunks and handed out candy to the kids. They had a great time and even got a hotdog dinner afterwards. DJ was super excited when I showed up in the afternoon with his costume. Friday they had a Halloween party in their class during school and Saturday we walked the neightborhood, DJ was really excited to Trick or Treat this year. Thanks Grandma Cathy for the Halloween card with stickers!

DJ The Fire Captian (just like Grandpa)

Trunk or Treat

Carving pumpkins with Taylor

Ghost shaped banana muffins

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Anonymous said...

He looks like he sure was enjoying himself. I bet all the neon stripes on his authentic fireman's costume showed up great in the dark ! XOXOXO Grandma Cathy