Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Preschool Open House

Well preschool will soon be over and it will be time for DJ to start Kindergarten (ahhhhhhhhhhhhh). Such a milestone but having him go to another school will be harder for me I think than him. Here in CA they have "school of choice" so if you don't want you child to attend his designated home school (which I don't) you can apply to other schools in the district, so we are waiting to hear. The wait can take up until the first day of school, kind of crazy. Anyhow I plan on cherishing these last few months of preschool at St. Timothy's Lutheran School.

And yes, DJ has had a haircut since these pictures have been taken.

DJ's class - The Skippers

Loved this - a picture of my family (it is laminated so a bit hard to see)

Showing off his work

And DJ insisted on this silly picture :)


Anonymous said...

THANX so much for sharing these updates ! I love them ! ! !
I'll certainly miss St Timothy, also. It is such a loving environment :-) Grandma Cathy

Amy said...

They grow up so fast, before we know it we will be posting pictures from prom!