Wednesday, September 07, 2011

9/6/11 - DJ's First Day or Kindergarten

Wow what a milestone, the first day of Kindergarten at Lakewood Christian School!  The kids went to school for two hours today and parents attended with them.  An already emotional mommy had to check back the tears as we entered the auditorium for the welcome ceremony, my Old Mater tissues  were close by :-)  DJ loved his first day and said he wanted to "stay in kindergarten forever."  He has 13 boys and 7 girls in his class with his teacher Mrs. Tague and her aid who stays until noon Mrs. Henry.  They are such amazingly patient women!

9/7/11 - After walking DJ to his class he turns to me and says, "You can leave now."  Man, that went right to my heart!  I know I should be happy that he loves school because many kids have a hard time with the separation but...

Singing Songs
Story Time

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