Sunday, July 30, 2006

Sorry for the lapse in updates, consider it our summer break :) DJ is 7 and a half months old now and he has grown and changed so much.

See my teeth...I have two now

As you can see, I have outgrown my cosleeper
I also outgrew my infant bath, this is my new bath tub

I am very busy now playing, crawling and standing. I keep mommy and daddy on their toes now. I don't like to just sit anymore, I want to explore.

This is where I watch my Baby Einstein videos

Here I am in my highchair. These days I like to eat Cheerios, fruit puffs, cheese and crackers, pieces of fruit, yogurt an fo course all of the babyfood fruits, veggies and dinners.


Liz said...

It's so amazing to see him standing up, seeing his baby teeth growing out and to see how he's outgrown his co-sleeper! My favorite picture of him is his bath tub pic. Tell him to stop growing so fast!

Catherine Vestraci said...

What a high chair get-up!
He looks so tall standing up, and surely too confined in that co-sleeper.
Loved the shot of the new toofies.
Thanks for keeping us updated.
Can't tell you HOW MANY TIMES I'd been checking to see if you'd posted yet.

Aunt Katey said...

Oh my gosh, DJ is starting to look like a big boy and not a baby anymore. Love the highchair, why didn't I get one of those.. Looks like it would save a lot of room. You are definatly going to have a good looking boy on your hands when the teenage years come, lol. Not that he isn't just a little cutie patootie now-He is adorable and I can't wait until you guys come home for a visit! Love ya