Monday, August 07, 2006

DJ loves to stand up

Cheerios are a favorite!

Playing at friend Brodie's house

This is where I'm sleeping now

Mommy & Daddy's bed is soooooo comfortable

So hungry and so tired


Grandma Holt said...

Gwen: I am lost for words -- just can't describe how I feel. Truly a kodak moment. DJ has developed so much since I last saw him on July 3. These pics attempts me to book a flight monthly. I look forward to viewing DJ weekly.


Aunt Gwen and Uncle:
I just want to say is
hows D.J. doing and how I miss him and how he is feeling. I will be glad when I come back to California to play with him and hold him, walk with him on family walks. I would like to take him to bed and sing him a lallaby until he falls asleep.