Tuesday, May 06, 2008

DJ absolutely LOVES the pool! As you can see from the pics below, he loves to jump in the water and pretty much has no fear. He throws the kickboard out and tries to grab it when he jumps in. He can jump in and almost touch the bottom of the pool at Papa Dennis and Grandma Pat's house. They recently got their pool resurfaced and tiled and have some sea critters on the floor of the shallow end. DJ loves to jump in and try to land on the octopus or Nemo. I was shocked when his foot actually touched the bottom a couple of weeks ago!

DJ is still a thumb sucker but has reduced th amount of time that his thumb is in his mouth significantly, now it is only in when he is tired.


Liz said...

Looks like a he's become a natural water baby (like his Momma)! That's awesome he's taken to water/swimming so early in life. I hope to take Eva to our friend's pool more often before we move. Great pics!

Grandma Saundra said...

I am lost for words. It's amazing how much he has grown. It seems like he was just a baby not too long ago. I am looking forward to his week in Maryland and I plan to have lots of fun with the little man.

Kristi said...

Precious pictures! I love the summer time with my babies. They get tanned and little blonde highlights poke through in their hair! And their hair after being in the pool--AHHH! Just gotta love these gorgeous bi-racial babies!