Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Weekend in MD

DJ was so excited to get on the airplane

DJ and Aunt Katey take a ride

Hey, this is where I go for time out!


Tyler caught a frog

DJ and Grandpa

You know you are in the country when...


Aiden's new swingset

I swear we taught him to eat with his hands

Someone loves icing!


Liz said...

That's so awesome that you and DJ got to spend Mother's Day in MD. I'm sure your Mom was thrilled! Katey has got the awesome playground! Love how DJ ate the cupcake with no hands. I like that new pic of you and DJ on the blog!

Anonymous said...

ABSOLUTELY Love & Adore MY GRANDSONS, but I'm glad to see them share the limelight with the producers of the Freshest Free- Range Egg makers arouund.
You just can't get better omelets anywhere around than those made by going outside and gathering Healthy protein eggs for breakfast.
AND, the boys really get a kick out of having them around -
I know I DO :-)