Monday, May 22, 2006

It was a busy week for us. We went to visit Kirstie and Aiden on Wednesday, we helped watch Tom while his mommy went to a meeting. Thursday we went to USC for Brenda's high school graduation (Brenda is the student that I helped to mentor). We met up with Liz and Eric at the graduation. Friday we went to Petra's for our weekly play date, DJ fell asleep. After the play date we went to Daddy's softball game (they tied) and then out for pizza with the team. Saturday DJ went to work with Daddy for a couple of hours and then with Mommy to Liz's baby shower (pics to be posted later).

5 Months Old
5 Days Old

DJ is reaching for everything now

He still loves his exersaucer!

Why must he sneeze with a mouthfull? He really got me good on this day.

DJ at our weekly play date, how rude!

DJ and Eric

Me & DJ with Brenda at her high school graduation. Congratulations Brenda!

DJ LOVES his naked time.


Aunt Katey said...

My my is he GROWING.. I see you've stuck to the cereal thing :-).. He looks like he is enjoying it.. Wish you guys were here.. Keep giving him hugs and kisses from all of us back home.

Liz said...

Great pictures! I realized that Aunt Liz doesn't have any pics of her with DJ!