Monday, May 15, 2006

A Week Of Firsts

DJ took his first sip of water from a sippie cup last week. He makes a mess and ends up with most of it on his shirt but he did manage to suck some out. We were very surprised!

DJ sits in the stroller without his infant seat, he loves it and is content to sit there strolling for up to an hour. He loves to see the world around him which he couldn't do in the infant seat.

Petra, Kirstie and me with the boys at El Dorado park in Long Beach.

Here we are with Damian, his dog Kelly and Kirstie.

DJ goes for a ride on Sophie, she didn't like this too much.

DJ and Grandpa Dennis after a very tasty rib dinner. DJ sat in a high chair for the first time at this dinner.

All smiles :)

Yesterday I had my first Mother's Day, it was truly a wonderful day! We went out for lunch at Dale's Diner (the same place we went last year) and a walk at the park. I received a beautiful pair of blue topaz earrings (DJ's birthstone) and a watering can (from Sohpie) to take care of the colorful flowers I planted last week. I am so proud to be a mother and I really felt special yesterday.

I am really appreciating EVERYTHING that my mom did and has done for me, I love you Mom!


Anonymous said...

I finally got an opportunity to log on, & now I know why Katey kept asking.

The MOTHER COMMENTS are the Other Mother/Grandmaw's true delight to have when her own special loving bundle of joy grow into their own -experiencing some of the same loving bliss only MOTHERHOOD can bring.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE TO SEE, HEAR & continue to LEARN from the PHENOMENAL, BEAUTIFUL, LOVING MOTHERS my daughters have become.

YOU BOTH make me very proud and grateful for the very special families you've created.


Liz said...

Girl, you know how to get a pregnant girl all choked up! For years, my mom would tell me that I would never appreciate or understand what she's done until I became a parent myself. Mom is always right!

DJ is growing up so quickly! I'm so glad I got to see you guys while I was out there. The next time I'm in town, he'll be walking! Holy cow!

Anonymous said...

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