Sunday, May 07, 2006

Busy life...

DJ has a blast playing in his baby gym. He laughs and squeals with delight the entire time. As you can see in the picture to the right, he has started grabbing for everything.

DJ gets a sniff from Sophie. I know he looks terrified in this picture but he was actually laughing :)

DJ & Aidan play below

We had a busy week...we went to Gymboree class on Saturday, I try to take him once or twice a week. We met up with our play group on Wednesday afternoon for a walk in Long Beach to the lighthouse (I forgot the camera).We had a play date on Friday at Kirstie's and Aidan's house; DJ hung out with Aidan, Tom & Gabby. The pictures to the right were from this day.

DJ really liked Aidan's aquarium mat

DJ is sitting up now when supported. He loves playing with his toys.

And who could forget our first baby...she definitely won't let us! Sophie is great around DJ but fights for her share of lap time. She like to drop her toys in fornt of DJ and on his blanket or wherever he is. I think that she thinks we will pay more attention to her that way.


Liz said...

Love that picture of Soph-dog sniffing DJ! He does look terrified! It's so cool he's able to sit up (even if he is supported for now).

Anonymous said...

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